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What To Do If Your Website Loses Rankings

August 30, 2009

It’s only natural that search engine rankings fluctuate. They do it all the time. Sites go up then go down. Go up again. Then down. And up. And down again.

Usually, such fluctuations are only one or two rankings at a time. But you’ll also often see a site drop a page or two then go back up again. These sort of fluctuations are only normal. They are caused by a few things:

  • The search engines could be updating their algorithms or ranking factors
  • Your competition has improved their search performance
  • Some well-written blog posts have jumped high up in the rankings, pushing everyone else down, but they usually fall just as quickly as they rise
  • Some social media viral marketing content has risen, but it too will fall
  • There was a ripple in the ionosphere and it caused a wave in the search engine rankings (just kidding)

The point is, ranking fluctuations happen for different reasons. But they DO happen. So don’t panic.

However, if you see that this happens to you and you don’t gain your rankings back in a reasonable amount of time then I’d suggest you do some link building to the pages that fell in the rankings. Take your keywords for that page, write some articles and include the keywords in anchor text links that point back to your site. Do some social media marketing and blogging. Whatever it takes, but build links. Many times you’ll find your rankings coming back after you’ve built more solid links to your pages

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