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SEO Tips For Twitter

September 6, 2009

SEO Tips For Twitter

Twitter has been around for many years now but over the past year, the popularity of the site in terms of members and publicity has grown by a vast amount. Twitter is a social networking site and micro-blogging service means that the users can ‘follow’ people they know or admire and also be ‘followed’ by others who take an interest in what you have to say. Your Twitter page can be uniquely designed to suit your individual style and brand identity, which is a great feature when trying to expose your business to the masses.

Twitter Profile SEO Tips

11 TIPS to Increase Twitter Followers Quick

In terms of SEO it can play a factor in getting more traffic to the website. Regular and informative ‘tweets’ about your business can drive traffic to the site as long as you use a compelling headline. Below are just a few pieces of advice when creating a Twitter page for SEO.

Keywords in the Twitter Username

Optimising your Twitter page for SEO purposes means that you need to know the places on the Twitter page where Page Rank can be passed onto your site. Unfortunately the links that you post through your tweets can go to your site but are shortened and Page Rank cannot be exploited. The URL in the ‘More Info’ section though can leak page rank so this should be used to go to your site. Making sure your Twitter page URL is self explanatory about what your business does is another major factor as this is what will appear in the search engines so your company name would probably be the most beneficial.

Use Keywords In Your More Info URL Anyway

In the More Info URL part of the Twitter page can be followed by the search engines, which is a great benefit to the site. This link is truncated at the 18th character so the more of your keyword you can get in the first 18 characters the better.

Tweet Quality Content

Just like any search engine optimisation strategy, quality content is key and this still applies for your Twitter posts. Writing compelling tweets that are only 140 characters long can be quite tricky so offering people some free tips and advice on a particular topic based on your industry is a great way of generating traffic. Twitter can also be used to back up any other marketing campaigns that you may be doing to create more exposure and maximise the impact of the internet marketing campaign.

We believe that by ignoring social media websites such as Twitter is foolish as this can expose your company to a wider audience than your usual marketing campaigns would ever do. To find out more about our social media services along with our other search engine optimisation and internet marketing services, please contact our SEO experts.


Ten Steps of SEO

September 6, 2009

Many people seem to be under the impression that there is some secret formula to SEO ( Ten Steps of SEO or Steps of SEO ). In reality this is not true. There is no hidden secret, there is no one process that that will get you to the top of the search engine results. Good results are achieved by gradually, over time using ethical (white hat) methods, to grow your website organically. We have put together these 10 steps of SEO. Follow these and you will be on the right track to improving your online visibility.

  1. Initial Analysis – Online Marketing is just the same as any other marketing campaign. To be able to monitor the progress of your campaign you must first know where you are starting from. It is also a good idea to check that there is actually a market out there.
  2. Keyword research – This is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Our advice would be to spend a long time on this. If you get this bit right the marketing of your site will become a lot easier.
  3. Competitor analysis – Knowing what your competitors are up to is essential, it allows you to plan your strategy. Look who is linking in to your competitor’s site and put these sites on a list of possible link partners. By getting these companies to link back to your site, you eliminate advantages gained by your competitors with these links.
  4. On-page Optimisation – A lot of SEO consultants will tell you content is king, and on page optimisation is the best way to get results. This is not the case as it does carry as much weight in the Google algorithm as other methods. However on-page optimisation should not be overlooked.
  5. Search Engine & Directory Submission – This is a great way to get lots of initial links back to your site. Register with the search engines and this will encourage them to visit your site and index all of your pages. A lot of the time the directories have good PR (Page Ranking) which means you will be getting relevant link backs from respected sites.
  6. Blogging/Content Updates – Adding good quality content to your site on a regular basis will encourage search engines to keep returning to your site. Users will also work in the same way. If you release interesting content once a week people will start to look out for updates and re-visit your site. The easiest way to do this is to set up a blog or news section on your site.
  7. Article Marketing – Article marketing is a very effective aspect of SEO. Submitting articles to article sites such as Ezine or Articlesbase has 2 main benefits. Firstly it allows you to build links back to your website. Secondly, as the articles are free to republish, if your article gets used by anyone, they will need to include the original links from your article.
  8. Link Building – Links are vital to increasing your search engine rankings. However it is not just a case of building as many links as possible. Avoid building links from sites that are not relevant for your niche as these will potentially do more damage than good.
  9. Social Media – There are many forms of social media. We have all heard of sites like Myspace, Facebook & more recently Twitter. Social Media is great for driving traffic to your site and getting your website in front of your target audience, at the same time as building back links we know to be vital to your search engine positioning.
  10. Web Ranking & Link Reporting – reporting on where you are ranking for keywords, and who is linking back to you will allow you to monitor your online campaign closely. You could also run these reports on your competitors to know how your online marketing campaign

We will go into more detail for each of these points in coming posts so, be sure to keep an eye out for updates. You can subscribe to updates via our RSS feed or alternatively subscribe via email and we will send updates direct to your inbox.

Author : Media Precision


SEO for Bing – How to Rank Your Site in Bing

September 5, 2009

Optimizing for Bing isn’t that much different then optimizing for Google. For SEO’s if you use the same practices that get you results in google then you should naturally rank well in Bing or should you? Let’s look at what Bing has to say about this.  Our related post about ” SEO for Bing ” and ” How to Perform SEO with Bing for Your Blog ” , read it .

Direct from Bing’s Blog.

“Bing’s SEO principles

SEO is fundamentally about creating websites that are good for people. The most basic advice we can give for achieving optimum rank for your site in Bing is to do the following:

Develop great, original content (including well-implemented keywords) directed toward your intended audience

Use well-architected code in your webpages (including images and Sitemaps) so that users’ web browsers and search engine crawlers can read the content you want indexed)
Earn several, high-quality, authoritative inbound links

As you can see by the links, much of this material has already been discussed in-depth in the Webmaster Center team blog in our ongoing column, search engine marketing (SEM) 101.

The type of SEO work and tasks webmasters need to perform to be successful in Bing hasn’t changed—all of the legitimate, time-tested, SEO skills and knowledge that webmasters have invested in previously apply fully today with Bing. Moreover, investments in solid, reputable SEO work made for Bing will bring similar improvements in your website’s page rank in other search engines as well.”

So what are we looking at here? First of all the first thing we read into this is that Content is king. Nothing new here. We all know that good quality content and lot’s of it is key to ranking in google, Well the same goes for Bing. Also using rellevant keywords in an agressive way without keyword stuffing is very important.

Point #2 again is very famialar to us. and that is to gather as many good quality backilinks as possible. Apparently Bing is not interestedin thousands of low quality links but more so is interested in quality links. So again optimize for Google and you are optimizing for Bing.

From what we can see SEO for Bing is really going to be business as usual for SEO. One final quote from Bing’s blog for SEO really sums it up.

” Ultimately, SEO is still SEO. Bing doesn’t change that. Bing’s new user interface design simply adds new opportunities to searchers to find what the information they want more quickly and easily, and that benefits webmasters who have taken the time to work on the quality of their content, website architecture, and have done the hard work of earning several high-quality inbound links.”


Twitter Profile SEO Tips

September 5, 2009

Matt Leonard over at Search Engine Journal recently wrote about Twitter SEO Tips : 4 Simple Tips to Help Your Twitter Profile Rank. If you’ve got a Twitter account and want to make sure your profile appears the way you want in search engines, then this is a good article to review. Here is a brief review of Matt’s suggestions:

  1. Optimize the title tag by using your actual name instead of your Twitter username.
  2. Optimize the meta description  by writing a good “one line bio”.
  3. Build followers, links and PageRank. Followers who have pages with higher PageRank can help boost your profile’s PageRank and good quality tweets should help with conventional SEO.
  4. Link to your Twitter profile using your name as the link anchor text every now and then.

If you have any questions about these Twitter SEO tips, check out the whole article


The Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips

August 28, 2009

The Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips

1. Choose a good handle

Be sure to pick an optimal handle thats relevant to your brand or campaign and easy to remember. Your handle (also known as your Username) then becomes part of your customized Twitter URL such as or Doing this creates a static address for future search indexing, which also helps usability for other cross-channel promotions. So choose wisely! The fun challenge: doing all this while keeping your name short and succinct so its easily tweetable.

2. Select an account name wisely

Optimize the Twitter account name to best reflect your brand. Your name is what appears next to your profile, which can be different than your handle/URL. You obviously want an account name that promotes yourself, your company or your brand. You should also consider which variation of you brand name has the most search frequency every month.

3. Make your bio count

Optimize your Twitter pages Bio line so it includes the most important, mission-critical phrases for your brand. Take advantage of all 160 characters! (Yep, thats right: They give you 20 more characters than a normal tweet.) Your bio is consistently indexed so its contents are what provide your Twitter page with its core relevance.

4. Spread the word

Now think about ways to build the link reputation of this newfound social web address. For example, you can integrate your Twitter URL into your website by placing a call to action on the site for your customers to follow you on Twitter. You could also integrate your Twitter URL within your sites Global Footer, which appears at the bottom of every page of your site. Both of these options offer usability to your site visitors and help drive your Twitter URL up in the search engines.

5. Remember your URL

In the account settings, be sure to add your websites URL or perhaps use it to promote your presence on another social platform, for example, This is a great way to drive traffic back to your destination of choice; although, truth be told, the link does not provide any offsite reputation a.k.a. SEO link juice due to a Nofollow attribute that Twitter has in place. (Sorry Twitter spammers!)

6. Select the initial characters of each tweet carefully

The lead-in of each tweet appears to be important for SEO as it will determine what appears in the tweets title tag when it shows up as a search result on Google. Approximately 42 characters are factored into each tweets title tag, including the account name, as well as the initial characters of each tweet. Keep in mind that your full tweet and all its characters are still being indexed by major engines, though.

7. Write keyword-rich tweets if possible

Wherever possible, start your tweet with a primary keyword phrase to theme each message. Take advantage of any active lingo or buzz words as this will enable you to capitalize on timely searches on those terms. Of course, this doesnt mean you should fill your tweets with buzz words at the expense of providing value to your followers! Rather, think carefully about which word choices will best convey your message and also allow you to leverage the real-time and long-term index relevance across the engines that continuously spider and index tweets.

8. Mind your retweetability

Make sure your tweets character limits allow for optimal retweetability. If you want a message to proliferate on Twitter, its ideal to keep it under 120 characters so your followers can easily add RT @YourHandle in front of the tweet. However, the exact number is different from everyone as it depends on the number of characters needed for someone to include the phrase RT @yourname in their re-tweet.

9. Provide some link love

Insert back links to redirect users back to your content. Twitter has proven to be a significant traffic driver for bloggers and others using the space to share links. If you do share links, use one of the many URL shorteners available (TinyURL and ( are two common shorteners). We recommend using the URL shortener, as it tracks click-throughs for the specific links you share on the platform. even has the power to track links in aggregate. For example, if multiple URLs were created and shared by separate users, all leading back to the same URL, the service can track and report click-throughs for all of them in aggregate. also tracks clicks over time, so you can see when people are clicking your links most.

10. As always, give em what they want

When providing links or any other URLs, make sure the redirection leads to pages which provide a richer content experience. Twitter users are hungry for information and accustomed to getting it right now. Send users directly to the details instead of having them fish around for it.

Mike Dobbs is the group director of SEO at 360i, a digital marketing agency that drives results for premier brands through insights, ideas, and technologies. The agency recently released the Social Marketing Playbook, a guide for brands utilizing social media to connect with their customers. You can follow 360i on Twitter.


Why Do You Need A Professional SEO Company ?

August 26, 2009

One of the reasons why many companies hire a professional SEO company for building a successful website, is because they are looking for a website which is result driven. That is because this global and professional SEO Company knows that the competition between companies on the Internet Battlefield is so tough, that one needs to look at every single legal and authorized way in which they can gain a competitive edge over the competition. This is where a professional SEO company comes in.

Not only is this an affordable SEO company but the prospective client is going to get plenty of good advice, especially when one is looking for a web solution to make sure that their website reaches top engine rankings after it is uploaded upon the Internet. SEM companies out there know everything about the specific requirements of the client as well as his business. They also know the goal of the client, as well as the audience that he is looking for to gain an edge over the competition, a professional SEO company is also going to keep in touch with what is being done by the competition. That is going to be the basis of a well-planned methodology and strategy, which includes Google approved marketing ideas like PPC, content rich and keyword rich websites which are easily navigable, useful back links to other pages, and other such successful marketing strategies, and tactics. The end results with a successful web page and an extremely satisfied client.

A professional SEO company is going to make sure that every single aspect of Internet marketing, starting from the choice of a good domain name to uploading the web pages upon a reliable server is taken care of in a methodical and professional manner. Starting from good search engine optimization upon the web pages, this reliable search engine optimization company is also going to have a number of programs and services that are tailor-made to suit the requirement of every single client out there, as well as every business specification.

Many of the SEM companies out there fail on one very important specification. They get so immersed in making a stylish web page which is extremely search engine optimized, that they forget about one important aspect of a good final search engine friendly as well as user-friendly product. A professional SEO company is going to know everything about how a website can be made really powerful with good marketing strategies like excellent navigation, pages that load really fast and even lots of visual appeal. This is of course apart from the search engine optimized marketing tools, which are going to be used for making sure that the clients website reaches top search engine ranking and stays at the top.

So, if one is looking for a professional SEO company for getting his website designed he would be well served if he chooses SEO Company.